Composition :

Each ml contains

Indication :

Dexaron is recommended in bovine ketosis ,stress ,shock and allergic reaction ,insect bites inflammatory lesions,arthritis,bursitis,vaginitis,lymphangitis and laminitis,eczema,a typical inflammatory reactions of the skin and asthma .

Dosage :

Administered by intravenous or deep intramuscular injection or intra-articular injection. Horses & cattle: 10-30 ml IV / IM (Max 60 ml) Foal & Calves Sheep & Goat: 2-50 ml IV / IM. Dogs & Cats: 0.2-2ml IV / IM For intra-articular inj it is necessary to remove a quantity of synovial equal to the Dexaron to be injected

Description :

Available Packing :

50ml , 100ml