Composition :

Each 100ml contains

Indication :

Indicated for infections caused by various kinds of sensitive bacteria or mixed infections.Yellow scour of newborn pigs (under 7 days old) and white scour (under 1 mouth old) caused by E. coli Hemorrhagic enteritis, diarrhea, alimentary toxicosis, typhoid fever or paratyphoid fever caused by sensitive bacteria, as well as secondary infections caused by epidemic diarrhea Common scour, lamb dysentery and pasteurellosis caused by sensitive bacteria Swine streptococcosis and hydropsy caused by E. coli Swine enzootic pneumonia, atrophic rhinitis, pneumonia and bronchitis White diarrhea, colibacillosis, fowl cholera and chronic respiratory disease.

Dosage :

Intramuscular injection, a single dose of 0.2ml/kg body weight for cattle, sheep, pigs, fowls and deer, and 0.2ml/kg body weight for dogs and rabbits for one treatment period. Curative effect can be achieved after one injection. For severe infections one more injection can be added 24 hours after the first injection. Animals with serious dehydration can be treated concurrently with oral rehydration salt. Halve the dosage for prophylactic treatments.

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10ml , 50ml , 100ml , 250ml , 500ml