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Indication :

Phenylbutazone is recommended in arthritis, tendonitis, articular and muscular rheumatisms, congestive processes, inflammatory complication of trauma and infection ,hyperthermia and heat stroke etc.

Dosage :

Phenylbutazone in administered by intravenous or deep intramuscular injection as follow: Intravenous injection Horses: 1-2 ml per 100kg body weight by slow Intravenous injection daily under doctor advice. Adult cattle: 15-20 ml once a day or on alternate days depending on severity of the symptoms. Deep Intramuscular Injection: Adult Cattle: 15-20ml first day, 20ml 2nd day follows by 10ml daily for 1-4 day. Foal & Calves: 6-10ml daily or on alternate days depending on severity of case. Sheep & Goat: 1ml for 10kg body weight

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