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Indication :

Phenvet is anti-histaminic and anti-allergic suitable for the treatment of hyper sensitivity reactions. Itching of unknown genesis and of various localizations, eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, skin edema, insect bites, photo dermatitis, rhinitis, tail eczema in horses, stomatitis, toxic hoof corns and inflammation of the hooves of cattle, serum shock, peresis during pregnancy, puerperal toxemia and secondary retention, pulmonary edema in cattle, pulmonary emphysema in horses, toxic hypopepsia etc. The efficacy of PHENVIT has also been demonstrated in drug allergies, anaphylactic shock, laminitis, bloat in ruminants due to Histamine atony of the rumen and also in the treatment of acute septic matritis in cows in conjunction with antibacterial therapy.

Dosage and Administration :

The dosage should be adjusted individually. If possible small doses are given first because it has often been shown that anti-allergic drugs are effective in comparatively small dosage. PHENVIT may be administered intramuscularly or intravenously. The onset of action depends on the mode of administration. Mostly there is an immediate effect on intravenous administration; on intramuscular administration, it takes about 10-20 minutes for the effect to set on. Injection may be repeated after 8-12 hours, if necessary. Horses & cattle: 20 ml single dose IM. Sheep & Goat: 5 ml single dose IM. Dogs & Cats: 1-2ml single dose IM.

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50ml , 100ml