Composition :

Each100ml contains.

Dosage :

1ml / 2 liter of drinking water (20 mg/ body weight) for 3-5 days PREVENTION :1 ml per 3 liter of drinking water for 4 to 5 days

Description :

I-FLONOXY Oral Solution is dicated for treatment of diseases affecting espiratory & gastrointestinal system or any ther systemic bacterial infection that might be used by either secondary or Primary infections. I Flonoxy Oral Solution has high efficacy against bacteria showing resistance to florfenicol I Flonoxy Oral Solution has strong efficacy against bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella Haemophilus species, staphylococcus species, Proteus, Pasteurella species & Clostridia.

Available Packing :

50Ml ,100ML,250ML,500ML,1000ML